The Hope of John C.

by John Collins

> "what hope do you have?"

It's all a bit vague isn't it? I might hope that my favourite team wins,
or I might hope that someone'll stuff a million quid in used notes
through my letterbox, I might hope that Sue'll be in "the mood" tonight
or all sorts of things.

The dictionary says that hope is where you want something to be true or
to happen and believe it is possible or likely.

No as for xtianity, might possibly want it to be true (actually I don't
want the god described in the babble to be true) but I don't believe it
is likely. So I have no "hope" in that sense.

But that doesn't mean that I don't have hope at all. I am actually alive
at the moment, and I'd really like, before I keel over, to generally
contribute to the world about me and have a circle of people who'll miss

I think that compares favourably with the Christian "hope" of putting all
the eggs in one basket of something that may possibly all be untrue.

John Collins

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