The hope of Lord is thus...

by Pat deno (The Lord)

What hope do I have in this life (without gawd)?

I hope that my family remains healthy. I hope, unlike this last year that I have the cash for heating oil for the comming winter. I hope the dog that mauled my son last year at this time will finally be put to sleep before he harms yet another child. I also hope his rather ignorant owners get what they deserve. I hope I can somehow buy a Mesa Booogy Triaxis preamp for my system. I hope that I am able to get a better job than the shit one I have now. I hope that gravity won't take over my wife's body parts too soon. I hope I won't always be so tired and can get through life without the mental fog I always seem to have around me. I hope I will become independently wealthy while I am still young enough to enjoy it.

So far the xtian gawd aint helpin' with much of that.

Furthermore, I hope that the gawd of the babble isn't the one who's really in charge of this whole thing. He's notorioulsy late and less than caring about personal issues. Would you trust a person/being who created a system out of chaos that was DESIGNED to destroy itself and then sits back and watches it happen without lending a hand to stop it? Heck, we already have one of those, does the name Bill Gates mean anything to you?

I hope that the cheezis of the babble isn't really gawd's son cause in actuallity he was an anarchist with a punk attitude and a bad case of vanity. He's the guy who got himself killed for purpously pissing off the reigning government fer crissakes! This is a guy who supposedly was all powerfull, perfect, celibate, preached moving mountains with faith and did countless miracles who couldn't think of anything better to do with his life than hang around with 12 out of work guys who smelled like sweat and fish all the time. This is the guy who's supposed to be at the right hand of the almighty and the savior of mankind? Ummm ... *shiver*

I really hope these narcisistic and jealous "beings" aren't at the helm, but then that would explain a lot of why the world is so fucked up now wouldn't it? I hope they stop forcing my children to learn xtianitiy/catholocism in school. And I hope that these xtians would finally wake up and see their religion for what it is, ie. a rehashed and man made way of controling a populace in such a way as to never be questioned. I hope they realise that this crutch of their's is not really needed and actually hinders them emotionally and mentally. I hope they wake up one day and finally smell the bullshit they've been fooled into believing and have been trying to shovel on the rest of us. Yeah, I hope they get a big wiff and they choke on it for all the times they've been elitist about themselves and their religion.

Verily, so sayeth the LORD


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