The Credo of Auntie Christ.

by Auntie Christ

I think there is no energy of our consciences apart from the matter of our bodies. The cells of our bodies constantly break apart chemical chains, releasing energy which we use as individual entities, but after we die, that process stops for us and we become the raw material of chemical reactions for other creatures, mostly on the single-cell level, but perhaps for more complex organisms depending on how, where, and when we die. In that way, we have life after death and life re-incarnate. In my next lives, I will briefly be a daisy, a pill bug, several million single-cell creatures, a tomato plant, a tree, a dog, maybe another human. Maybe all cockroaches and rats. I was born from the cycle of life, I am part of it now, and I will return to it. What I am now is once and never again, what I have been is oceans and skies and earth, and tomorrow I will be oceans and skies and earth again. Not only can I live with that, I live because of it. The beauty of the living earth is its constant change, and the I that I now am is a momentary constellation of elements, soon to be split and recombined with the bits and pieces of the trillions of other lives on this earth. It's good.

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