Auntie Christ, do you have hope???

by Auntie Christ

I hope to live today and die some other time, and I'm simply grateful for
the time between. Like I said before, these xtians are an ungrateful lot.

>As if that is enough to make me see the light and come back to god. LOL, man
>o man, and even though I answer this question everytime the same way, and in
>a way that is solid... they still won't get it. Then comes the "you are
>really running from god Mark, like a child would do."

What? Does god have a limp? Is he an old man with emphysema that he can't
keep up with a mere mortal? Not only are xtians an ungrateful lot, they
don't have much respect for their god. I say, if their god wanted me, by
now he'd have me and there wouldn't be much I could do about, seeing as how
I'm human and everything.

>Brushing off
>everything I said up to that point!! MAN DOES THAT PISS ME OFF!! I get tired
>of it, actually, and it is brought up almost everytime. It ends with the
>following statement :
>"Jesus loves you no matter what Mark, always remember that"
><Translation to normal speak> Fuck you Mark I am right no matter how well
>you presented your side, and I know I cannot refute the logic used. Fuck
>You.</Translation to normal speak.>

"No, sorry, Jesus appeared to me years ago when I was still a believer and
told me to forget about getting into heaven because he frankly can't stand
me, on a personal level. BTW, he told me that he's not so crazy about you
either, what with your being ungrateful and disrespectful and all."

>All that happy shit aside, how do you all answer the "what hope do you
>have?" question when and if you are hit with it?

I have to say, I haven't been hit with the question in years. Maybe Jesus
told everyone else that I'm a hopeless case, too!


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