You Fool, but I did not call you that.

  • Another fucked up sheep sent more love of Jesus in!

  • to: Squirrel

    from: David

  • Dear Sinner,

    I know you think god is a myth. Well the bible said only a fool would say there is no god, and you sir, are a fool. But that is not my place to tell you this. I really do not care about what you think you know, I know that you will one day know what despair and pain is, eternally separated from god. Laugh now if you will… and place this on your web pages, ridicule me. Makes the bible even more right. God does not tolerate disobedience for very long Mr. Squirrel… why do you call yourself squirrel? Too scared to use your real name? Afraid god will find you out faster? Or are you just a sinner and a coward? Well I have done what is needed to be done, warned you of your possible fate… the rest is up to you. Heaven or hell.

    David L. Williams.


  • Well David, thanks for you lovely letter. I really feel the love of your god pouring through you and you words of obvious wisdom. Let me tell you a little secret crack is bad David. Stop smoking it. I would address your points one by one, but to be honest, even a retarded chicken could see the bullshit here a mile away. Silly bastard. But a few things Davie… if it is not your place to tell I am a fool, why in hell did you write me then and tell me I am a fool? Can you say idiot Dave? And Dave, it is nice that you know so much about my future… what are you a witch? Do you sleep with bats or drink yak butter and take lsd laced suppositories? Sounds like it to me. Also Dave… my nick name is squirrel. And I am in no way scared to use my real name. Mark Napier. I would give you my address, but I am afraid you may come over here and really show me the love of your god sicko man. Also Dave you did not warn me of shit… you threatened me and called me names.
    There you go gentle readers a true Christian.


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