You are sick!!!!                                   

  • A concerned christian woman!!!!

  • Mr. Squirrel

    Name: jesus_flower16

  • Mr. Squirrel, I find your site rather sad. I know you are not stupid, and you do know the Bible. So, you also know the Truth. I will not argue Bible with you, because simply put, you would eat my lunch to coin a phrase from you. I think God cries at this site. I think if Jesus was to come back today you would not go with us. I also find your porn mail utterly disgusting. Do you know that you are playing a very dangerous game? God treats thinking about things of that nature as actually doing them, as you know. It saddens me that you waste your mind like that. I can only pray for you , and ask God to take over Good-bye.

  • So that means you won't fuck me and the Jens? It would sooooo broaden your horizons, gay sex is neato keen with two womin', jesus kissed judas and such didn't he?

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