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  • an Mr. Squirrel

    Name: Gary

  • I wanted to thank you, for the response. It caused me
    to get introspective and I liked what resulted of it.
    I looked deep into what my relationship with Christ is
    about, it has strengthened my faith and resolve.
    As for persecution, no, you are just being you, I

  • My question would be this: Did you REALLY question these things? Did you REALLY look into why you believe these things? Or was it the prodding of the holy spirit and a few bible verses shown to you by god?

  • I would like to know some things however, If Jesus is
    a myth, is God the Father? Is it Just Christians who
    are duped by myths or all religions? And finally, If
    you don't believe in God or Jesus, why are you so
    angry at Him?
    I just want to understand.

  • Easy, you have a belief. There is no evidence for your god, let alone any god. You believe things without proof. Faith is the cornerstone of your religion. The myths that have been drilled into your head have taken root. I will never say "There is no god." I am not an omniscient being. I do not believe in the existence of any god. To include the christian god. As for anger... um sorry I cannot be angry at something I do NOT believe in. There is no anger at "god", or "jesus" for that matter. I hold them to be myths, and nothing more. Many religions have the same types of faith as christianity does. There are many gods, and many saviors. There have been many miracles, and wonders. Holy books are a dime a dozen, and the bible is not the oldest amongst them. So, why should your religion get a special hearing?

  • Please find my introspective below.
    My relationship with Jesus

    I was asked recently to define my relationship with
    Jesus. It caused me to do a lot of thinking. I know
    the flippant answer to that question. I know the
    Church answer to that question as well, but what is my
    How do I see my relationship with Jesus? Is He
    Savior, Lord, Friend or Lover of my soul? The answer
    is yes, but what do these mean? To a Christian, they
    mean quite a bit, I guess, but to a nonbeliever
    probably not much. That being said, what do they mean
    to me? That is the most important answer actually,
    because Christian and non alike, they don’t answer for
    me nor do they know my heart.

  • This would make it all SUBJECTIVE. And hardly support for the existence of a god, just support for your BELIEF in this god. Also note that this "coherent" god is the common string binding all christians together, yet all christians will have a differing answer for these "questions".

  • Before I ever existed Jesus died for me. The power
    in that statement is awesome. I trust the bible as
    being God’s inerrant Word. It states that God the
    Father has known me before I was a thought in my
    parents mind, that he saw me being formed in my
    mother’s womb and that he provides everything I need
    to remain alive in this world. Faith gives me the
    ability to believe this, as well as, 34 years of
    existence and contact with hundreds of other people he
    has done the same for. I have seen Him at work in my
    life and I know that all the good in my life is a
    result of His blessing and mercy. I also believe I
    have done nothing to deserve His mercy, that it is a
    result of His Love, a love so incredible that it would
    move Him to sacrifice His Son for me. Jesus came into
    the world to rescue the lost, to pay the price sin
    costs humanity; to pay the price sin cost me. He did
    it because God the Father set the standard and we
    refused to keep it, so He made a way for us to be
    redeemed. Jesus is Savior, because he paid the debt
    in full. I didn’t, or could I come close to, paying
    any minute portion of the debt I owe God. Jesus paid
    it all! The fact that I receive this gift makes Him
    my Savior.

  • Well, before you ever existed the myth of jesus' death was going around yes. I call it a myth simply because there is no solid beyond shadow of a doubt proof it ever happened. You trust the bible, and believe it to be the inerrant word of god. Well, if it could be shown that it is in fact errant what then? I do not doubt you believe and trust in the bible and god.... don't get me wrong. But, if the bible was not what you hold it to be what then? As for the whole love thing, I do not see it. Murder and torture in any case is a bad thing. Plus, if this god was perfect.... well you see what I mean ......

  • Jesus as Lord, is a deeper relationship, and more
    difficult to maintain on my part. The apostle Paul
    writes in Philippians chapter two that one day “every
    knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus
    Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.” This
    tells me Jesus is Lord whether I say so or not.

  • This tells you. Fine, does that mean it is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Or just that you believe it to be?

  • What makes Him my Lord? He is my Lord when I am
    willing to follow Him and listen to what He tells me
    to do. Much more difficult that it seems I’m afraid,
    I lust after women, Jesus doesn’t want me to. I lie;
    Jesus doesn’t want me to. I get angry and sin; Jesus
    doesn’t want me to. This is probably the toughest
    part of this introspective, that I say I am a
    Christian and that Jesus is my Lord and Friend, and I
    treat Him in such a horrible way. My faults and
    failures cause me to question the validity of these
    aspects of our relationship. Then He reminds me the
    validity of our relationship relies on His
    faithfulness and love.
  • Sounds like you are dependent upon this jesus to think, and be moral. You base your behavior on what this jesus wants. What do you want? Repression? To be reminded of your "faults" all the time? To flog yourself with your unworth and dirty nature that you have simply because you were BORN?

  • He is eternal and so is His love and Faithfulness. It
    is because of these attributes, that move me to try
    harder to be the person He wants me to be, I want to
    live for Him, because He died for me. Even though I
    fail, sometimes miserably, He still directs me and I
    am compelled to follow. I am moved by my Lord’s love!
    My friend Jesus travels with me every step of my
    life. Although I must admit that I sometimes ignore
    Him He still hangs around. I don’t understand what he
    receives from this friendship, it seems very one
    sided. Jesus told His disciples, “ You are my friends
    if you do what I command you” He then gives the
    command, “Love one another as I have Loved You!” In
    reading and thinking on this, I guess the best way I
    can be a friend to Jesus is to Love other people as He
    does, and again I fall short of this.
    Jesus loves unconditionally, which is something I can
    hardly fathom. He sees, according to the bible,
    Christians as brothers and sisters and friends, and
    non-Christians as lost sheep looking for a safe haven
    and He wants them to come to him and be safe. Jesus
    wants me to see people in this manner as well.
    I am to hate sin and love the sinner; I am to strive
    to tell people about His love and friendship. The
    problem with this is that my view is so skewed, that
    to see people as lost, I so often see them as foolish
    and I see Christians as stupid, having the knowledge
    of this friendship and ignoring it so they can remain
    safe in their self-righteous cocoon. One benefit of
    my friendship with Jesus is that when we talk, He can
    set my view to His, and when I see them from His
    perspective, I can be more easily moved to love them.

  • Hold on, you don't really care about these people. You are only mimicking what you think jesus wants you to. Strange is it not? You NEED jesus to set your example, as if you are incapable to set one yourself. That or your self esteem is shot, and held in check by jesus and the mind washing that has occurred. As for the unconditional love of this jesus, I think not. There is a condition, you must accept this "free" gift. If it was free, then you would not need to accept it, and there would be no need of salvation.

  • I only have to look in the mirror to see how smug all
    Christians can be. Being Jesus’ friend really is lop
    sided though. I give Him my sin; He gives me eternal
    life with Him. I give Him my pain; He gives me joy. I
    give Him my sickness; He gives me health. I cause Him
    pain when I sin; He forgives freely. He has
    transformed my life with His incredible love. I know
    that without Him I would be lost and empty, living a
    worthless existence. Instead, I have a life in which
    I am free, free to serve others and I am granted the
    grace to let them serve me too. I have come to
    realize that if we are to be Jesus' ’friends we are to
    treat others as He would treat them. If we, all those
    who believe in Him, did this, we would not live for
    ourselves, rather the world would be motivated to
    loving Jesus because of this. We would be living with
    a love in our hearts, which continually looked out for
    the well being of others. I cannot do this all the
    time, but if I continue to communicate with Him
    through prayer and bible reading and Fellowship with
    other believers, I will become stronger in this. I
    further believe that in being a better friend to
    Jesus, His place as Lord in my life will grow stronger
    and deeper. I want to do these things, not because of
    fear of hell, because heaven is my home. Rather, I
    want to do this because heaven is my home and the One
    who made it and me loves me. His friendship compels
    me to befriend others, with a holy unconditional love.
    I pray to have the strength, God given, to do this.
    Not for my own good feeling but to bring Him glory. I
    want to tell people about Jesus, just as I would want
    to tell about any friend. Jesus is my Friend! Would
    you like to know about Him?
    Jesus is the Lover of my Soul. What in the heck does
    that mean? I think it means that, just as I love my
    wife Jesus loves my soul. The soul is really the only
    part of us that goes to heaven, yes we get a new body
    that is imperishable, but it is not the body that we
    walk around in here on earth. What makes us, well, us
    is our soul. Again, just like Jesus being the Savior
    is completely his doing, so is His being the Lover of
    my soul. The greatest mystery to me is why.
    Why would He love my soul, or any one else’s for that
    matter? The only reason I can think of is that He
    made us. As a father loves his children so God loves
    us. He wants what is best for us, He wishes for all
    people to be with Him in heaven. Sadly, however, some
    people only see a dictator or cosmic killjoy. If
    people could only see the freedom in following God and
    taking Him at His word, they could enjoy the blessings
    of an abundant life filled with joy. Instead they
    mistake the ordinances and authorities He has set as
    barricades to fun rather than boundaries for safety.
    Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and
    have it to the full.” I believe he meant that “life”
    to start here on earth when we receive Him as Savior
    and Lord and the term “full” refers to now as well.
    It does not necessarily mean financial wealth and
    riches in abundance, but true enjoyment of all the
    blessings God has given to us. The ability to enjoy
    the mundane things, things we normally take for
    granted, like the sunrise, the rain, fresh air, our
    jobs, the free time of vacation, children laughing,
    silence, the beauty of a tree, a dog licking your face
    or the smell of cookies baking. These are all
    relatively minor things, but when they are viewed as
    blessings from God, they become monumental, and a
    reason for praise and thanksgiving. The pure Joy that
    can be experienced in silence and stillness is awesome
    but it is true peace when you can “be still and know
    that He is God.” Throughout the bible full reliance
    is having God be your strength, peace, protection,
    defender. God is everlasting if he is your all in
    all, you are never disappointed, you don’t strive for
    the passing fancies of this world, but you hold on to
    the eternal,
    because, as I have said previously for a child of God
    eternity began when you received Him. Real life does
    not exist in the amount of money you have or the
    quantity or quality of stuff. Treasures in this life
    from God’s perspective, according to scripture, are
    people and His word, the only two things that will be
    I am not a theologian nor a scholar taught by great
    theological minds. I am simply, a child of God.
    Bought by the blood of Jesus, who suffered and died.
    He then was raised to life on the third day in order
    to have victory over death once and for all. Why? In
    order that I may be with Him in His kingdom now and
    forever, that I may walk in newness of life and free
    from all fear. How do I know this? Because He sent
    His Holy Spirit to be with all whom believe in Him,
    and I have tested these things in my life and I have
    found them to be true, not just for me, but true for
    every one. Every one can know this joy and peace.

  • Assuming that jesus was real. The rhetoric was okay, a little long winded, but okay. Personal testimony to be sure, and subjective as all hell. Your opinion, nothing more.

  • Lord Jesus, help me to see people with Your eyes, to
    Love them with Your heart, to listen with You ears, to
    tell them Your words and to be gracious as You have
    been to me. May they see You when they look at me, so
    that You may be glorified and they may see you as
    Savior, Lord, Friend and Lover of their soul. Amen.

  • I do not know if anyone has ever told you this, but prayer for an atheist is a waste of time. Instead of appealing to the sky pixie provide concrete evidence and proof that your god is real. Solid irrefutable proof. Give me that, not a silly prayer. If your prayer influences this god, then what does that mean? Can you change this omnimax being's mind? Hmmmm.... but I will settle for proof of your god please. Opinions are nice, but I have my own as well. And if I take your subjective experiences as proof, then I would have to ignore my own, and vice versa.

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