Please persecute me!!!                                   

  • Jesus loves me! I have changed the answer format a bit for this one. My answers or replies will be in the bold. This is a follow up letter from the Gary sheep.

  • an Mr. Squirrel

    E-mail: if you want it I´ll send it to you!

    Name: Gary

  • Mr.Squirrel,
    I believe you will ridicule this, but I feel
    compelled to send it anyway.
    I apologize for those who proclaim the name of Christ
    as Lord and Savior, yet send garbage e-mail to you with
    hateful words. In checking out your site, I have seen
    a bit of the reason why you reject the church. I do
    wonder, why you reject Jesus. Your choice, but why,
    and please if you do answer do so civilly. If you
    believe Jesus to be a myth, so be it, I don't.
    I do have one more question, where id you learn that
    God sends anyone to hell? The bible doesn't teach
    that, the bible teaches that we have a choice, believe
    and enter eternal fellowship with God, or reject Him
    and enter eternal separation. The choice is yours.
    Just as in life, you choose the way you live, if you
    have unprotected sex and die of an std, it's your
    fault, if you drink and drive and kill someone and
    spend time in jail, it's your own fault. So the choice
    is up to you. And you have made your choice known in
    previous emails,please don't blame your choice on God.
    "I spent a few minutes at your site, and my heart sank.
    I am typically downhearted when I read the twisting of God's word.
    Some of your"listed contradictions" are not contradictions at all.
    To compare God's view of humanity prior to the fall of man, with His
    disappointment of the action of humanity after the fall, and then claim it a
    contradiction. Is wrong. It would be like saying parents love there kids
    as infants and Hate them when they become teenagers. That just doesn't

    Well Graham thank you for your lovely e-mail! It really made me happy inside to know that after all I am responsible for my own actions.
    Also thank you for speaking for all the christians out there, whether they are a TRUE Christian or not.
    I am sure the TRUE christians would never be hateful to me. Or send me the garbage mails as you call them.
    Let me guess as to the reasoning behind the church/jesus question, you have a personal relationship with this jesus I take it?
    Not a religion, but a relationship. Please tell me, and the readers of the Island, what do you do in this relationship
    with jesus? Do you all hang out? Do you go to the roller rink together? Play golf? Drink a few brews?
    Chastise the Pharisees? Don't me wrong, I would not ridicule you, as that would give you the impression of the persecuted christian,
    playing into the bible stating these little details. I would not do that. Although I am an evil atheist, I care.
    As for god sending people to hell, if this god of yours is an omnimax deity, as the christian alludes to,
    then this god knows it all. Period. Every action, every "choice" is known to this god before hand. Kinda shoots free will to hell.
    If we have free will, then we do not have an omniscient god. Pretty simple. That is how I come to the conclusion
    that god sends people to hell. God created everything, is responsible for everything, and this god chooses to send
    people to hell for disbelief. Again, pretty easy. As for you believing jesus was real, this does not mean anything. You just believe. Nothing more.
    This does not prove it was real, and he existed. Plus, even if he did exist ( and that is not even a 100% sure thing ) you would need to prove he was as the bible
    claimed. But since there is nothing but the bible for this, it is moot.

    I enjoyed the analogies you gave as choices. All of them bound to the real world, with a FINITE punishment for FINITE choices.
    This shows nothing for the support of your god or reasoning behind how this god does not send us to a hell.
    Yet you have no good reason for the eternal INFINITE punishment for the FINITE sin of nonbelief. Or do you?
    I also notice you presume to know what this god would do. How do you know these things?

    And as for "my" choice and me blaming "god" who else should we blame? This god is omnimax to hear the sheep. He knows it all.
    Pretty easy to blame this god. He is responsible, he knew ahead of time I was bound for hell.
    Oh wait... it is all a myth....thanks for playing.

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