Sinking heart!!!                                   

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  • an Mr. Squirrel

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    Name: Gary

  • "I spent a few minutes at your site, and my heart sank.
    I am typically downhearted when I read the twisting of God's word.
    Some of your"listed contradictions" are not contradictions at all.
    To compare God's view of humanity prior to the fall of man, with His
    disappointment of the action of humanity after the fall, and then claim it a
    contradiction. Is wrong. It would be like saying parents love there kids
    as infants and Hate them when they become teenagers. That just doesn't

    Sure it does... just ask any parent about those damn teenage years! Plus if your bible is the word of
    a perfect god, then I would expect perfection, and nothing less. Your quarrel is not with me but your god, and his bible.

    "God loves us unconditionally, if He was disappointed with humanity he
    wouldn't have saved Noah and his family."

    Umm no, if he loved us unconditionally he would not have killed all the earth, save the family of a
    drunkard. Your concept of love is questionable. Sorry.

    "I truly hope that the true light of Christ will penetrate your heart so that
    you may come to know Him completely.
    I'll be praying for you."

    Sorry, been there done that. I was once a very ardent christian, was on the way to be a big time minister guy. Not a minor youth minister, or chaplains
    liaison, but an evangelist. Started training for it at the tender age of 17.
    But I am sure you will tell me that I was never a TRUE CHRISTIAN.

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