Sad Man!!!                                   

  • And I thought "I" had issues!!!

  • an Mark

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    Name: Rev. Will Wilson

    I was sent to your page on the advice of one of my congregation, who had read some of your work, and found it interesting. It caused her to ask questions, and doubt the reality of God, and His perfect love. I am sad to read such material. You are a bright young man, who obliviously understands the Bible better than most Christians do. I find the whole affair to be a shame. To mock God, and think you can pull yourself up by your own power, and think that it will save you from eternal damnation, is...well wrong. God has shown you his love time and time again. I could quote scripture to you, but, we both know it will do no good. I pray it is not to late to see your sin for what it is...sin. God loves you no matter what you would think or say. I would really hate to see you in eternal torment from up in Heaven where I will be with my Lord and Saviour: Jesus Christ. It is not to late to repent my friend. God does not want you to go to hell.

  • Okay, at least he was nice about threatening me with hell.

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