• Another concerned soul for the Squirrel!

  • Squirrel


  • Hello Squirrel. I have heard you mant times in CC2. I always enjoy when you come in the room. It always makes me know Jesus is real when you try so hard to prove he is not. I think you are running from you know to be the truth, and secretly you searching for the real Jesus, not a Jesus made by men and their false doctrines. I think God can use you better this way. You are not blinded by the workings of man, and you are ready for the truth. You present your points well, and can argue with the best of them. I pray you repent and find Jesus before it is to late. He has you ready and in the position, just take him into your heart. Only then will you escape the fate you are holding to now. You are always in the chat rooms, and always in the middle of something. I think you still believe in God. I think you want to come home, and I know Jesus is there waiting for you.

  • okay, first just for the record, I do NOT believe in god, jesus or anything to that effect. I think it is all a delusion. I think people cannot deal with life in genereal, so they create a big sky daddy that cares about them. So I would think that should kill the "you still believe" garbage. Another thing that I notice is that christians will always try and twist things to make god look good, and make god have a purpose for everything. "I know that god has done this, and placed you in the position..." how do you know? You think and hope that it is so, but do you know? Does it make a christian feel better when they cannot argue logically that it must be god working in me and through me? I go into the chat rooms to meet my friends, and to have fun, it is entertaining in there. I have no desire to become saved and know your god. I was once there, thank you. And since god know everything, then my fate has been this since before you and I was born. Just deal with it.

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