Pathetic Jesus!!!!                                   

  • Pathetic

  • To the Webmaster

    Name: Not Given

  • Dear Sir,

    Obviously, you are extremely misinformed. You sound quite bitter and
    very ignorant. If you do not open your mind to Jesus, you will be doomed to a
    life of sickness and unhappiness, and an eternity of Hell. Too bad for you. It's no sweat off of
    my back. Just a little friendly advice: before you attempt to spread
    misinformation, you should do a little research. Sorry to say you are
    wrong about much of what you publish on your pathetic home page.

  • Why thank you for that lovely letter! Threats always come in handy when you have no clue about your belief. As for research, lets just say, I do have a clue about what I am talking about. Since you did not go into details, I'll just leave it at that. Okay? And just what am I wrong about? The belief in jezzzus being a crutch for people that cannot deal with life? The belief in a sky pixie that will make it all better once you are dead? Come guy. You can do better. As for the web page being pathetic, why dont you give me yours then? Shall we look at your little pages, since you are such a master of the web? I noticed you did not leave a valid email address, are you scared of me? Does it make you feel better to troll an answer and run like a bitch for cheezus?

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