The Jesus loves to send U to Hell Letter!!!

  • Now I have a new love in my life!!

  • From Jesus Freak 777

    It makes me weep for your sould that you would make fun of our Lord and Savior. You will learn to late that He is real, and that He loves you. When you die and awake in the fires of hell, forever separated from Jesus and his love for you, then you will know the truth. I hope this does not happen, and we both can worship Jesus in Heaven. He loves you.Trust me.

  • WAIT A SECOND!!!!!! I would think that good ole J would have a sense of humor, wouldn't you? Plus, if he loves me so much, then why send me to hell in the first place? HMMMMM??? Nice way to show love. BURN!! TORMENT!! REPENT!! Sounds like threats to me, and how in the fuck could I trust you? Why should I trust you? YOU believe in a mythical being, that has a book of myths that is just plain silly. Have you talked to an ass today? Or how about a bush that is on fire? I mean hell, the last time people spoke to a bush, they wandered for 40 years in a place that was far from happy happy ville. Go threaten the weak minded people with hell. Leave me alone. Christians are delusional at times. Hell.... lo


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