Jesus loves you, burn in Hell !!

  • More twisted love of the Lord. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  • To the Squirrel

    E-mail:not given.

    Name: MC

    Hello, I wanted to tell you , that I have read your web pages, and no matter what you say, Jesus does love you. No matter what. He wants you to be with Him in Heaven for all eternity. All you have to do is ask Him in your heart, and to forgive you of your sins. If you do not, I am afraid you will burn in hell for ever. I do not say this to threaten you, just to warn you of your possible future fate. I would not want you to go to hell Mark. I know I cannot prove all this is real, and that my God is real. But I know He is, as I feel Him in me, and all around me. And you could too Mark. Don't go to hell, please?

  • Well now, again I am threatened with hell. Is that all you christians can grasp? Hell or happiness? You admit you cannot prove your belief is real, so why lie about KNOWING god is real? If you KNOW you can SHOW him to be real. If not, all you have is a BELIEF and nothing more. Also, what if I ask jesus in, and there is no answer? I know, you will tell me, he will always answer IF I am serious, and sincere enough when I ask him. Well, hate to burst your fantasy, I have done this many times over, and was once a very serious, and ardent christian. Guess your god fails again. Must suck not to really exist.

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