Jesus should kill you!!!

  • Should I feel better about this or what?

  • To the Squirrel

    E-mail: if you want it I´ll send it to you!

    Name: Soldier for Jesus

    I just wanted to tell you that I think all atheists are scum. And they should be killed. According to the bible, you blapheme god, and the punishment for blasphemy in death. I know this is tru because Jesus told me. You see I have a personal relationship with Jesus, something you never had, and unless you change your evil ways.... you never will. You need Jesus. Peroid, and another thing do not bother replying to this as I will ignore you and your atheist fag buddies.

  • Okay sheep boy, I think I understand your anger. A small penis will do that to a person. And you and Jesus obvioulsy suffer from penis envy.

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