I feel sorry for you!

  • A typical mail I get. All they are saying is " You will see in the end who is right, you are going to hell"

    Name:You know who you are.

    Hi there Squirrel,

  • Just got done looking at your page. I really feel sorry for you. I respect your right to put this kind of trash out, even if you're railing against God's children. Unfortunately for you, however, "he who laughs last, laughs loudest". There is coming a day when you will answer to Jesus Christ Himself for your blasphemy against him. And then it wont be so funny when he throws your unrepentant soul into HELL. I admonish you to get right with God now before it's too late. There are no fire escapes in HELL!!!

  • Damn, you just don't get it huh? Idle threats are just that. Idle.

  • Wow! I am sooo convinced now! You have done it at last, you have given solid proof god is real!! Umm okay, no you didn't I was kidding. But then, my sarcasm would be wasted upon you, as you would probably think you did give me proof for god. Sorry bastard. Next?

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