Atheists are SCUM!!!!                                 

  • I really get a kick out of these types of mail, it just shows how fucked up Christians can be.

  • From 05.01.2001 at 01:58:24
    an Mark

    E-mail: I am sooo tempted to give it to you all!!!!

    Name: Jesus' Avatar

    Atheists are scum, and you my friend are among the most messed up people in the world. If you could actually read the bible, and not just see words on paper, you may come really know the love of Jesus. I find your interpretations of the scripture to be very childish, and silly. A laughingstock to be more thorough. I have no clue as to where you learned the bible from, or your twisted views of Christianity. But I can assure you they are very WRONG! God will do something to you my friend, and I hope it will shake your very world to the core, then you will see how wrong you are.


  • I would love to see how Atheists are scum, considering there has been more death and oppression in the name of your silly little tribal god yhwh than anyone else in history. Plus the fact that your myth begins with a dream, and ends with the murder of a Jewish peasant on tree is funny. Also, back your smack up son... you tire me.

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