• from some fucked up sheep(my comments will be in bold.)

  • My G-d loves you, and will not hesitate in showing you how powerful he is! You mock him and when he sends you to hell you will regret every second of it.

  • Well you stupid fuck, why don´t you back up your idle threats? YOur god did not stop Hitler, did not stop Stalin, did nto stop that earthquake killing all those hindu people, man, he don't do shit, and you think I will be scared of your silly myth?

  • I hope you will see the folly of your heathen ways. G-d will teach you. Your only chance is in Jesus!

  • Okay, well, give me a good reason not to think you are full of it? Give me an example of love.... any example, you could even say letting those evil evil bad jews kill jesus was an example of love... what ever.

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