Evil Scum Lord!!!!                                   

  • We have us another fucked up sheep!

  • To: The Fool
  • From: A True Christian!

    Hello Fool! Wow, it looks as if you are sadly deluded my friend! To deny the Lord God exists is simply madness. How can you say He does not exist? You have the gall to say He is a myth, you have the gall to say the Holy Bible is a lie!! Do you know what God has in store for you in you continue on this path? I do, and it is not a nice fate to have. I would not want to share your fate for anything!! But wait, I am saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have nothing to fear at all. And if you were smart you would get your head back on right oh fool! You know the truth and you know God is real.... you are a child running from your Father!


  • Fool? I do not think I need to show that verse in the bible that would just piss in your cheerios do I? It never ceases to amaze me at how you sheep will get all uppity on me, and threaten me with the wrath of a god that is half spirit half dead jewish carpenter! You are a golden example of why I would never be a christian again, the bullshit you spout is old and tired my "friend", and just to add a small thing, I would call somebody that believes in talking donkeys and snakes and flying people and demons and angels more of a fool than me. Keep that in mind "fool"! Now go read James 1:26 and 1 Peter 3:15 fool.. Learn what your god wants you to do!!

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