DENY JESUS!!!!!!                                   

  • A Lover of the TRUE CHRIST!

  • Mr. Squirrel

    Name: angelkissesfromgod

  • Hello Squirrel. After our talk in the chat room, I got to thinking, you still believe in god. Deep down inside you really do. I think you know this as well. You talk with intense passion about the things you believe in. And what you hold to be true. I know Jesus is real, and I know you know this too. Jesus has never stopped loving you. I would be very sad to find out you went to hell, knowing the truth after all. I would be sad I think in heaven knowing you were not there with us to be eternally happy. Jesus has a plan for you, and maybe, just maybe.... you are really doing what Jesus wants you to do. You have done nothing to weaken my faith, and in fact, you have made even more sure of my life in heaven with the Lord. How can you deny the wondrous savior after all he has done for you and me?

  • Easy, there is no reason for me to believe jesus was ever in a position to do anything for me or you or anyone else for that matter. Dead is dead. Get over it. As we talked about this before, there is no proof for his existence, or anything outside of the gospels for his life. All you have is the bible, and we all know that the bible is not a perfect book. Far from it actually. But that will not stop you from believing I know. It never stops amazing me how you christians see god in everything you look at. If a girl gets raped, god had a purpose for it in some twisted sick way, and if a tragedy happens, god gets off the hook again, there is a purpose to it somehow. And naturally you apply this to my apostasy, it MUST be for a reason, god made it so. So I guess god gets to make is so I go to hell, even though he loves me and all that stuff. I deny jesus plain and simple, no ifs ands of buts. There is no myth boy savior guy gonna make life better for me when I die. But of course god made me say that. Praise the lord!!!

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