Do I Care??                                  

  • A concerned Christian sent this little ditty in!!!!

  • to: Squirrel

    from: thetruehellobob

  • C.S. Lewis is known to be a Christian writer. As a matter of fact, he was very open about the fact that the Narnia books were not only a parallel of biblical events, but were also written with the specific intention of allowing a creative way for adults to minister to children without drilling them full of stories they had heard millions of times before. So saying that a person might be a "fundy" if they have ever made the "assumption" that the Narnia books contain biblical events is not really that funny... Sorry.

  • If you are talking about a mention of C.S. Lewis in the "You might be a fundy if..." section, then it would be your opinion as to it not being funny. I am not responsible for what is contained in these, as the readers of the Island and a mail list sent them all in. If they felt it was worth mentioning, then it was/is funny. Sorry.
    As for me personally, I do not care to much for C.S. Lewis so either way, the point is moot to me.

    thanks for writing in.


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