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  • Another sheep tells me how it is!!!
  • Squirrel


  • Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you have an impressive site, although if you do not change your ways, you are doomed to hell. I also wanted to tell you how to avoid hell, and that is with the blood of Jesus Christ! All you have to do is ask him into your heart, and you will know Jesus is real. Thanks.

    Blessings and Love in the name of Christ


  • Well at least you tried to be nice about me going to hell. At least you made the attempt at a witness for jesus. At least you did not come off as that arrogant. I would ask this of you though Jeff, if I did indeed ask this jesus fellow into my heart, and nothing happens, what then? Does that mean he is a myth, or that I am not ready to meet him? Would that mean I never really wanted to know jesus? If I was to follow all his commandments, live my life for him, and ask him into my heart, and nothing happens, then am I to blame? Or could it be that jesus is a myth and nothing more? Would you admit to that possibility?

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