Religious Nuts

This page collects my little religious "nuts" mails. I love nuts... I am a Squirrel after all. (Okay I set myself up for that one you silly geese)

I am a FUNDY and I YELL!!! New!!!!
A fundy yells at the Squirrel because he saw himself in the lists!!!!
Jesus loves you.!!!
Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you ..... burn in Hell.
Jesus should kill you.!!!
A new bit of love from the sheep.
I just called you a fool..!!!
A new bit of love from those mentally ill christians.
C.S. mutherfuckin Lewis!!!
C.S. Lewis.... so?
Christian Cliches are funny!!!
Believe it or not, I am actually nice in this one! This is an infidel to be for sure! Enjoy!
The Happy Sheep Gets Subjective!!!
Gary is back gentle reader with a small book for us!!
The Happy Sheep!!!
Gary sent this happy little mail for our enjoyment. He is praying for me as well!
The Happy Sheep is PERSECUTED!!!
The second letter from the Gary sheep.
Hey Logic boy!!!
Just a little strange mail from one of the chatters from CC2. Go figure.
Pathetic Jesus!!!
Another happy sheep troll gentle reader.
You Be Stupid!!!!
I am stupid as this reader shows us!
Just Ask!!!!
Well here we have another sheep preaching to the Squirrel. At least they were okay about it for the most part.
Another Christian talks at the Squirrel, not a nasty letter, but one I have heard over and over again gentle reader.
Deny Jesus!!!!
The next one in line to save the Squirrel!!! GLORY!!
You Are Sick !!!!
Neato keen little tart for the lord!!!
I dare and so can u blasphemy is a victimless crime.
Fucked Up Love!!!!!!
Sickos galore! PRAISE!
The Jesus loves to send you to hell letter!!!!
Hatred pure here gentle reader. These sad ass people are just messed up in the head, and the Squirrel tells it how it is.
I am the Sad Man!
The nicest sheep mail I have received to date.
Grammer made me reject!!!
Okay, not really hate mail, but hey, you can't win em all!
I feel sorry for you too!
The nicest sheep mail I have received to date.
True Blue My Ass!
*sigh* I was never really a Christian ever!! You sooo rock!
I am SCUM!
Jesus would really call me that, I know, for your sorry ass tells me so!
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