Pathetic Bitch Nipple!!!!                                 

  • Thought you all would love to read a little hate filled letter from Sgt D. LOL before you all get in a tissy read the whole thing!

  • To

    Name: SGT D (not of the SOD, that would mean he was cool)

    You are one pathetic loser!! I bet that you are one of those Army wanna
    be's that couldn't hack it and got out early. You are probably some kind of
    cheap knockoff now like a security guard or something. I can see you
    startching your underwear and drooling over a pair of boots trying to see
    your face in it. Maybe you have worked your way up to assistant to the
    assistant supervisor and you try to impress your co-workers with bullshit
    Nam stories that never happened. Get a life you rejected, dememted,
    pedantic, childish, asshole! Down with!


  • Ahhh I see anther hopeless wanna be cool person. I guess you are still in the ARMY yes? Still an MP? And fuck me not even a cool MP, you are stuck on the desk like a bitch. Not good enough to be a real cop, and not good enough to be real soldier. So like a bitch ass loser you comprimised and went MP, but now you are not even a cool MP. Now Chuck is a cool MP regardless of being bound to the desk, but SGT D? Please, I laughed already. Hell son, why are you still in the Army? can't hack the real world? I thought as much........

LOL Hi Doug glad you stopped by the Island!


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