Blasphemy Bitch!!!!                                 

  • Thought you all would love to read a little hate filled letter of the wrath of god about my banner flash made for the Island by the Lord. Enjoy!! Updated with the Lord's response below mine!!!

  • To

    E-mail: some bogus fake ass mail addy, coward ass bitch
    Name: JesusWarrior

    Yet another piece of trash from your little brain dead followers. Will you ever learn? You do not mock God, and Jesus is God!! Do you know the Bible? And the wages of sin? Your little follower seems to be as ignorant as you. And please tell me how did Jesus get "nailed" at your site? And what does a boot have to do with it? It makes me sorry that you cannot even see reality for what it is, and the God does not play around with this type of blasphemy. God will punish you and your pal. Sick perverts belong in hell. May Jesus have mercy on you, and show His Truth. Before you both burn in hell.


  • Yet another brainwashed sheep from the net. Look guy, you obviously do not like my site. Fine, then do one of two things..1 don't come here anymore and just spout bullshit, or 2 defend your mythboy jesus and back your shit up. Threats are just that. And coming from a christian, they are empty threats at that. And jesus was nailed here simply because anyone with half the intellllllligence of a fly can see myth for what it is. Do you read your bible?In the next day or so, I will post the Lord's reply to you dude, and next time leave a valid real mail addy and not some bullshit one to hide behind. Or did I spank you already?

Know thee not little puke, that I am the LORD? Have you not seen by My works that I sooooo rock?
That thou art a sniveling coward and brain dead redneck is abundantly manifest. Yea, I say
unto thee, get thee behind me little brain washed fanatic lest I cast thee from the Crylon coated water tower that layeth behind thy home and dasheth thy grey matter with the might of my rightious humor. Hast thou such fear that thy god lacketh a sense of irony? Hast thou so little a mind that thou can not conceive of the great and mighty jest of thy very existence? One need only look upon thy image and the works that thou bringest forth to know that thy god hatest great mirth in thy creation. Lo, I say unto thee, accursed be thine parents for they most assuredly are the laughing stock of thy neighborhood. For as I am the LORD, let there be no doubt that they be foolish enough to have pride in thee.

Forgive him father, for he is an academic and hygiene challenged sheep awash in the delusions of a false and rehashed religion. He taketh that which is fed him by those even more pitiful than himself, without thought to logic or self respect, and spews it back in the faces of those he fears most, the unbelievers of his high and mighty bullshit.

Get along little lemming for the LORD grows bored with thee. Yea, sayeth the LORD unto thee, "blow me ya whinny li'l beotch" for thou art beneath My holy contempt.


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