Hey man fuck you!!!!                                   

  • God has some messed up followers!

  • To: The fucker who runs the place
  • From: B_Man_J707

    Hey man fuck you! And fuck your web pages! Stupid people like you need to be locked away! And GOD will do this one day! I would take your site down, it is so stupid... do you think you sound smart? Fuck you and your brain dude... you are pathetic!
  • Geeeeee you are serious right? No, really.. you are right?LOL dude, you are the one who looks all sad and pathetic. Ummm, how did you say it? Fuck you? Yes...thats it... fuck you... wow, must be from the back woods, are you still upset about mommy leaving you for cousin bill? Thought so... next?

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