Dumb Fuck!!!!                                 

  • Wow, I need drugs after this one!

  • from 11.01.2001 at 02:45:33
    an Mark

    E-Mail: bitemeandpee@pussman.com
    Name: Shaggy Man

    Dude, if I raped a cow, and then left the body on your porch, would you think I need help? I could also rape a kitty, kitty porn is cool. Persians are the best type of kitty porn, all the fur, you can really pull it. Plus, the bible could be used as butt plug. I bet you like that shit huh? I know you like me, as I have a cool ass e-mail you fucked up little christian screwing bitch. Why fuck a christian? I mean, come on guy, they are repressed and all that good shit, they can't suck a good dick, (unless they are the fag christians, they know what men like!) and they just lay there like a corpse. I like corpses do you? Could I blow you as I rape that cow?


  • LSD should not be given to fucked up people like this. Umm, you could blow me, but then I would have to kill you off(repressed homo hatred from christianity)..... got milk????
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