White Disgrace!!!!                                 

  • Funny little redneck can spell!!!

  • from 11.01.2001 at 02:45:33
    an Mark

    E-mail: killanigger@kkk.com (okay it is a fake, but it further shows this ass' ignorance.)

    Name: White Might

    Fuck you, you nigger loving bastard! You think you are so smart, and better than everyone else, you are a fucking disgrace to the white race. If I was there you would be dead. Believe that. You think you are funny coming into our rooms and making fun of us! You come to us! We do not go into your little room and fuck with you. Chat with your own kind nigger lover. Your "redneck auctions" are not funny, and fuck you and your little whore friend to. Pussy.


  • I love you to you inbred fucked up little lonely man, what is a matter? Did mommy leave you for your sister? Racists are funny, and stupid racists are even more funny. You ignorant people are soooooo easy to blast away, because all you do is ape what you have been told by your hate groups, and your "white Jesus" churches. I always go into the KKK chat rooms at Yahoo, and have me little Redneck Auctions, and sell their stupid asses to whoever is dumb enough to buy them. Hell I got a case of Doritios, and a goat for this one little white redneck cracker whore... it was great!!!

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