Stupid fool!

  • The next hate filled love christian tells me like it is....sad but true.....

  • To

    Name: non given ( to scared? this person is a chat room member.....)

    I think you are a sad little man. And everytime I see your ass in the rooms, I will power mic you till you leave. You and your little friends Tanguy and Torquemada are scum. And when Jesus comes back, you all will be sorry for every word you said against my Lord and Savior. It would not be so bad if you were at least some what smart. You are just a fool who thinks he is smart. Sad but true. But I have nothing but the Love of Christ for you.


  • Goddamn man, you are so filled with the holy spook, I could just shit. So you admit you will employ nazi tactics, and not allow me to speak in your room huh? Who died and made your sorry ass god? Or at least able to speak for the dead jewish guy? Fact of the matter... you are a poster boy for every reason I should not be a christian. Your mail is filled with hate, and intolerance, and slander. What does your bible say about calling people a fool? The only way you can stop other people from thinking, is by strong arming the mic in the chat room. You are SCARED that if anyone that can reason gets on the mic, they will show you and the other sheep how stupid their myth is, and how stupid they are for their blind obedience to their vegtable laws. How about thinking, instead of threats? Are up to that? I did not think so.



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