Dude Fuck You Part 2!!!                                  

  • Another godly true christian goes after the Squirrel part 2!!!
  • What the fuck?!

    Name: jesus_freak_7072000@yahoo.com ( I included the mail so you all can tell him how godly he is!!)

  • Dude, what is your problem? I have had a bunch of people mail me about your stupid site! What the fuck? Do you know what harassment is? Just keep your atheist shit away from me and tell your little fucked up followers to go to hell, but faster than the are now. It is sick people like you that we are a hellbound nation! All your free speech shit and tolerate me shit, it makes a person sick. And it makes God sicker! I hope you have fun in hell you sick bastard! You and your little follower bitches, I guess weak minded people need to hang with other weak minded people, just to feel better about the fact that they are sorry ass fuckers, that are going to hell, ha ha ha ha, you are a joke!

  • Wow, you are an idiot huh? You sent me a mail, I posted it, nothing more. I did not force anyone to mail you. And if you are stupid enough to give an active mail address, then whatever guy. Plus, my followers as you put it are far from fucked up or weak minded, I would say that people who need to go to churches and hang with other people and convince themselves that a man named jesus lives in the sky, and donkeys can talk, people can fly... and buy into whatever the clergy tells them are weak minded. Do you see atheists going to a church of the mind, and praising the mind? Do you see atheists tell others with a straight face about how their god made all kinds of crazy shit happen 2000 years ago, and not a peep is heard today? Do you see atheists try to tell others that satan and his angels are flying in UFO's in outer space, and are waiting to come down for the big war with heaven? What about dead saints, and dead jews ruling with their god for a thousand years, beheaded people ruling as well, and how you should be happy when shitty things happen to you? Hey, how about this... I HOPe my WEAK MINDED FOLLOWERS TELL YOU WHAT AN ASS YOU ARE!!! So now you have something to cry about bitch boy... next??

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