Dude Fuck You!!!                                  

  • Another godly true christian goes after the Squirrel!!!
  • Dude!

    Name: jesus_freak_7072000@yahoo.com ( I included the mail so you all can tell him how godly he is!!)

  • Dude, fuck you and your knowledge! Jesus don't care how smart you are! You can come across as smart and all that shit, but I don't care, I have Jesus bitch, what do you have? Nothing fuckker nothing. All you have is your warped drug soaked brain, and all the shit you read from the other fuck up atheists. You want to come acroos like you are so intelligent, and that you learned the Bible, and you know what the word of God says. I don't need the thoughts of some godless heathen atheist telling me what the bible says! Fuck you! Get with God, or burn in hell bitch!

  • Okay lemme see here, I am really supposed to take you seriously right?(deja vu folks!) God must really love that mouth of yours! Do you all sit around the table and read the bible together? Does it sound like this? "And god so loved my ass and shit, that he like killed his own fucking self so I will not go to hell you bitch!" Or what? Bet you all swear in church too huh? Pass the mother fucking tithe plate beeeootches so the lord can pay my ass for hollerin his word at you!! You are funny dude, and by the way, fuck you. May god guide you!!

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