Pure Hatred

Fuck U ALL Tooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Sad ass fool !!!! NEW!!!
Another fucked up sheep. FIlled with love of course.
Auntie Christ gets some Hate Mail!!!!
Auntie Christ hat received hate mail at last. Contrary to popular belief Auntie Christ is not the Squirrel, and is the only non-squirrel person to have an e-mail addy here at the Island!
Continuing Saga of a Red Neck!!!!
Well, the red necks have learned to read after all. This one replies to an e-mail over 2 years old round about.... god it is funny.
Sgt D is coming and you're on his list!!!!
This was toooooo good to pass up gentle reader, and I think we all will have fun with this one!!!
Dude Part 2!!!!
A return mail from an idiot sheep. Man, I guess he loves me huh?
Hey Man!!!!
This is another mail that could go here or in the Religious Mail but here it is better off!! Sheep rule!
Yet again a sorry ass sheep comes at the Squirrel with the love of god!!!
Somebody did not like the Lord's flash for the Island. Now with the Lord's response added for your reading pleasure!!
Foolz In Da Haus!!!!
Another idiot posts to us gentle reader! Enjoy this ass!
Nigger Lover Death Threat!!!!
Mindless redneck back water hick racist fucker who was made to look stupid in the chat rooms one day.
Do you get it???
Hmmmm a little out there I think!
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