I lost but am still not offended!!!!                                

  • This is the second mail from Herschel who thought I would not post either of them. Well as you can see gentle reader, I have and Herschel lost his bet.

  • From: Herschel Walker

    By the way. Using underline on all of your responses makes for a poorly
    designed page. Are these links? Are they quotes? Are they intelligent
    thought? Sadly no. They are contrived answers to peoples ignorant responses
    to an inflammatory web page. Hey...look at me...I'm the angry scorned kid
    who can make fun of dumb people....but only after I have thought about it
    for a long period of time. You are a sad, sad, dude who needs to get laid or
    something. Don't post this one unless you post my other one.

    --Herschel walker


  • I see Satan still has a hold of you. Sorry. As for the underlines... sure
    thing. Yep they are. Nice to see you are the judge of all and set the rules
    for how to do everything although I admit they do not look all that good. I
    guess now I can take the poorly designed web page down, thanks. Wow you must
    be some kind of telepath as well to know me to the degree you think you do.
    And to be honest, your opinion means very little. No one forces you to read
    my pages, agree with me, like me, or think highly of me. I give a damn
    either way it goes. You seem to think it perfectly fine to go after redneck
    bigots, but Christians are a no no, even though you think some of their
    beliefs to be asinine. For someone not offended by my pages, you seem very
    angry and offended. Thanks. My opinions are just that, my opinions. They
    stop at the tip of my nose.... just like your opinions. But just for shits
    and grins let me go over your first post point by point okay?

    "I am not religious in any way. i am in no way offended by your site."

    What ever. You seem to be offended for someone not offended.

    "I simply wonder what pleasure you get out of bothering these people, no
    how assinine their beliefs may be. Your preaching sounds just like the same
    crap you view as totally clueless."

    And it matters how? Do you feed me, fuck me, or support me in any way? No.
    So, it matters how? You can wonder all you want, and since you think some of
    their beliefs to be asinine... why should you even give a rats ass about it

    "What makes your belief so concrete and so
    infallable that you feel it is necessary to belittle their beliefs."

    Nothing makes my "beliefs" infallible or concrete. And I am the first to
    admit it. Prove me wrong, and I will change my position on a matter, try
    that with a fundy Christian. Also show me where I believe my belief is
    infallible? Also I do not taut my "beliefs" as infallible, the Christians
    do, they push their religion on those who do not wish it, try to get it
    legislated as law, taught in secular class rooms, attempt to dictate what
    moral and immoral is, the list goes on. They also set aside those who do not believe
    as they do, degrade them by calling them heathen sinners, tell them they are
    dirty rotten hellbound creatures that do not deserve the love of god....
    these same people pour millions of dollars into a campaign to further their
    religious agenda, further the church, further more intolerance and bigotry
    in the name of their god... well hell I guess you are right, I should just
    leave them alone and let them proceed happily.

    "I would
    be on your side if only racist rednecks were affected by you, but there are
    certianly good people who you browbeat with your dimestore theology."

    Hmmm that is interesting, so you are a partial bigot? It is okay to bash
    rednecks, but to bash Christians is a no no? There are certainly good people
    in the religion, but that says little about the religion, there are rednecks
    and worse that are just as Christian as the "good" people. See above as
    well. Their 50 cent theology is far more damaging than my poor little finite
    human mind that cannot fully understand the glory of the all righteous god
    of the Christian faith. But wait you think some of their beliefs to be
    asinine right? Does that mean the people are asinine as well?

    "You are
    like the guy in "Good Will Hunting" who that herb Matt Damon disses in the

    Sorry never saw that one. Drawing a blank. I would imagine it is a witty and
    nice analogy, but hey, don't know what you are talking about. Nice try

    "Debate your own philosophies. Don't only destroy others."

    And? But since I do not hold my philosophies as infallible, what is there to
    debate? I admit I could be wrong, and in a way I am debating my own "old"
    philosophies, I was once a Christian.... but then again you would just spout
    some bull about that as well. But I tell you what you pay for my domain and
    I will taylor it just for you and your tastes so you keep coming back to a
    site that offends you. Although I may just drop the underlines part...since
    you are a web design god.

    "You a sheep of
    the opposite spectrum. See if you post this one. Bet not."

    Well I think a sheep will follow their beliefs and not question them, nor be
    able to give a logical argument in support of them. Whether or not "you"
    hold anything I say to be logical matters very little to me. I am not you,
    nor do I have to worry about pleasing you. But wait you are not religious in
    any way...

    Oh and look for all your happy love mails this week at the Island. But then
    since you are offended by this angry scorned kid that makes fun of dumb
    people, I would imagine you will go there every day. Spare me.

    Thanks for the mail, the tips, and the wisdom.


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