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I shall say more!!!

  • Seems Seraph has alot more to say, and far be it from the Squirrel to silence anyone!!

  • From: Seraph T Zaphriel

    What is up with those people who send you hate mail? How they harass you with
    threats and eternal damnation in "Hell" is just ludicrous. People like them
    should crawl back into the dark, smelly, hole they came out of.
    Anyway, your site is, for the lack of a better word, spectacular. I enjoy
    coming to your site. The "Articles by Me" section is wonderful. It is also my
    favorite section in you website. Also, the little animation of Jesus geting
    hit by a boot is fantastic and humorous. Keep up the good work!
    May you find happiness where ever you go.

  • Thank you for your kind words. It makes it all worth it, just to hear that you enjoy the site. The people who do send the hate mail are real great witnesses for their lord, and funny to boot. So........ Lord Jereth will appreciate the praise for the jesus boot thing. Thanks!
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