Happy Birthday!!!!                                

  • Gotta love mom huh? Thanks mom.....

  • From: Mom

  • 32 years ago, i gave birth
    was it possible was it worth it,
    to have a child with a beautiful face
    golden curls,
    but not much grace.
    who filled my days, with wonder and joy
    did i have a girl?
    no! a stinky little boy!!!
    who played in the mud
    with g.i.joe
    who loved his grandparents
    always on the go-
    to drexel, to g'town
    never slowed down
    who wore me out day and night
    til i tore my hair and looked a fright
    who dressed as Batman
    every day of the week
    who looked like an angel when he was asleep
    who went through phases
    and growing up rages
    who joined the army
    and saw the world.
    who stayed in Germany and married the girl
    he wanted to have for the rest of his life
    beautiful Petra, his bride his wife
    he grew annd became a man with thoughts of his own
    to become the Squirrel- my how he has grown
    from my little child to the man of today
    i wrote this to say i love you
    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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