HUH???? Where did you come from??                              

  • Hi Paul, the medication did not work huh?

  • Korn's Hitman sends his love!

    Name:the big P

    Hello, Happy Nut Eating One!

  • I've got yummy cream filled nuts for your enjoyment whenever you so desire! Aside from offer you a bountiful pleasure, I would like to Pop out the eyballs from your Jesus of the month for Feb and skullfuck a new look on his face!! Although after thinking about his crazy ass would probably enjoy that to much!!! Sometimes I trip on how fucking small this world can get!!! (I'll explain to ya later bro!) Meanwhile, pull the sandpaper covered dildo out of your ass wash your hands and email me back. Later!!! Korns-Hitman


  • Wow, like I said, up the meds baby!! Be careful Casey is Jesus for Feb, you could go to hell!!!

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