A Touch Of Praise 2 !!!!                                   

  • An added bonus this time, we get another bit of praise mail! Seems a few people like us gentle reader!!!

  • To: The Squirrel
  • From: Martin

    Dear Mr Squirrel,

    Hi, it's Martin from the Ring of Cynical Atheists here. Thanks for joining - I never expected anyone to apply when I started it, but it now has six members! Squirrel's Island has some excellent cynicism, I like your brand of humour and level of non-belief. Ha ha!

    I took a good look at your website and laughed like a drain at the caption competition entries. :-) My jaded old brain was unable to come up with anything for the Jesus sprinting on the water cartoon. Sorry.

    You have a great site and I wish you all the best.

    Follow the Beaver.

    Martin J Burn - an English Atheist.


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