A Touch Of Praise AGAIN!!!!                                   

  • Another happy reader, and a neighbor as well!!

  • To: The Squirrel
  • From: T B

    I'm one of your neighbors (www.aebltd.com) in the antibible web ring. I just wanted to commend you on a greatly entertaining piece of atheist web work; I'm still laughing from the picture captions. Here is a contribution to your new captionless picture--"God, I hope this isn't a crucifyable offense." I must say I am greatly envious of your hate mail; I don't get a bit.
    See ya in hell.
    T B


  • Hello T B !! Glad to have you as my neighbor... (won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor) Looked at your pages, very nice. And very solid as well. I am very pleased that you find my work entertaining, just reading a mail like this makes all the more worth it for me, and lets me know that I am reaching people and making them either think or laugh, ( or that I piss them off heh heh). I'll save a seat for you at the pic nic of the damned!

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