A Touch Of Praise!!!!                                   

  • An added bonus this time, we get a bit of praise mail! Seems a few people like us gentle reader!!!

  • To: The Squirrel
  • From: A Doubting Thomas

    Greetings Mr. Squirrel, I must say I enjoyed your little doctrine war in the Yahoo chats the other day. You are to funny! You had me and a few of the others laughing the entire time. I also noticed that after a bit the Christians who attacked you was rolling along with the whole thing. Very rare that is. Mostly once you have been branded a heretic then you stay that way. Mrcleanup1 is a prime example of the bigot like mind of an ignorant Christian. Makes me laugh. After the doctrine war I went to your pages, and I must say I was impressed. Alot of your arguments make sense, and are not over burdened with the scholarly aspects of the whole thing, you put it in plain and simple speak for all to understand! Thank you! The links to other sites are great too. I found alot of useful info there about the bible and the like. I enjoyed the list of bible contradictions, and will be using them in my attempts to give the Christians hell! LOL! The flash from the "Lord" was great and had me laughing. Can you send me the file for it? Thank you. What is the deal with the porn mail thing? I have yet to really grasp it completely... any inside info for me? The hate mail is great!! You need more!! LOL just kidding! :)

Yours, Thomas


  • Well, thank you for all the kind words Thomas *sniff* *sniff*, normally happy mail is something we get rather rarely in at all, so I was taken back by your mail for a few minutes. Thanks. Feel free to take the bible list and do with it as you please. I am glad you found the site good, and that you would come back to it more than likely. I try to break all my points down to the most simple way of saying it, so all will catch me and what I am trying to say. You do not need to go to seminary or bible college to realize the bible is bunk. The flash file will be out your way soon. The Lord will be pleased to know you enjoyed it! The whole porn mail thing started over a year ago with a simple entry in a guest book I had at the original Island, back on Geocities web space, it took off from there, and has grown into a little bit of fun here at the Island. Just good clean fun, nothing more. Heh heh heh .......well Thomas maybe your next mail to us can be hateful... lol heheh ehh ehhe GLORY!!

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