Happy Christian

  • A nice non hellfire letter from a christian gentle readers.

  • Squirrel,

    I'm not sure where you live or have lived but it sounds like the only
    Christians that you have met were some nasty people! I would have to
    agree with
    you that many Christians are not exactly living up to Christ -like
    On the other hand, I know some very kind and unselfish people and they
    are almost all
    Christian (one of my best friends is an atheist, but he is a very good
    friend to me).
    You have some interesting reading on your site but I get the impression
    that you are
    not a very happy person.
    I hope that I'm wrong and just picking up bad vibes from your hate mail
    section ;^)

    Whether you believe in God or not I hope that you have a long and
    prosperous life!
    (insert pic. of Spock with fingers split in a "V")


  • Grew up in america, moved to germany after my army time. Was southern baptist. Says enough I think.
    The majority of christians I know are not bad people at all. They are normal people, that do not
    flaunt their belief, nor do they berate others that do not believe. It is their personal private
    belief, and that is all... the ones I do meet that are the most vocal are hardly christians, and
    as some of the writings at the Island show... far from what christians claim they should be.

    I would have to say, that the nicest most selfless people I know, are not christians. Nor do they
    believe in any kind of god. They are anything from humanist, to wiccan to well you get the picture. They
    accept everyone as they are... without any judgments. Christians on the other hand do not. While they
    will be nice and friendly, polite and helpful, if you are not a christian, then there is something different
    about you. The true care and true empathy are not there, but a facade placed because they HAVE to be that way
    because it is demanded of them when they worship god, unless of course you are not a christian, then they can be aloof or not have anything to do with you... and still feel good about themselves.

    Not at all. I am a very happy person. I live a great life, and have the normal worries and fears that everyone has,
    my hate mail section is there for a few reasons, one it shows the messed up people that are out there, how they justify
    anything with god, and show yet another reason why people should not follow the christian god. Second, I get a kick out of it. If I can get a person so riled up simply because I do not believe in their version of a fairy tale.. that is funny, and again
    shows the inability of their god to change them.

    I could never do that with the right hand... lol

    Thanks for taking the time of writing into the Island.