True Love!!                                   

  • Casey speaks again!!

  • to Squirrel

    Name: Casey

  • Dude, I was checking out your hate mail section the other day, since it
    makes me feel good, and I noticed how many christains have horriably foul
    mouths. Hmmm, I wonder how God thinks of His children when they talk that
    way. What do you think? I think it's pretty sad when these so called
    christians go around branding others with thier fuck yous. I thought that
    Jesus taught acceptance and love to everybody not only to ones who are in
    the club. I don't know, I wrote you once sort of pissed off and feeling
    sorry for these peaple but, I see your point. Have I seen the light? Who
    knows, but I don't want to see thier light. It looks sort of dirty to me.
    Love Jesus or we'll kill you, you dirty frothing goat lover!!!!
  • Yes I know what you mean guy... it amazes me to no end. They seem to back up belief in jesus with love, and then when you discount what they say to you, and still doubt, they get all hate filled and angry. As if you are the stupid one, that has no clue as to what they are talking about. Then they spout all kinds of shit at you, and get all pissed off and threaten you with hell fire!! As if you would listen to them after they get all weird on you. Sheep, gotta love em!!
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