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    Name: Casey

    :  Ya know? I'm sitting here thinking about life, wondering about God and trying to decide wither or not I should I believe in her/him or not or believing in the telivion or not. I'm listining to yuppiecide right now and it's getting me off right now because after a bock bier, three guinesses and another bock bier, with one more in the frigde, that's what gets me going, yuppiecide. I like it. Beer, drugs and what ever. You all can't even begin to understand what's going on with me because, I'm not fixed on certian things like you and pat, maybe merf can but, who knows what's ging on, I so strongly disagree with you and your concepts of God. I am a living contradiction because I beleive in life but, I hate humans and what we do. I smoke pot and drink too much but, beer is what I drink, I do what I do and while you and pat go ooff about thrashing christians and quotes from the bible I go off and think about other things more important and you all think that I'm some kind of insecure nurotic hogger that's only a kid. Only if you knew what's been going on. However I know that you already do, and who doesn't?I know a few that do and I pity them and sometimes I have to tell them like it is, but I don't p unish them like you do. It's all about education whithout the tortore that you bring and I do to other peaple that I don't always talk about and sometimes do for plaesurable moments that I rack my self for doing. So I guess I'm a insecure nurotic. So what! I'll get anyone between the eyes. Unless I'm fucked up and it's over. You should hear yuppiecide.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen

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