Why bother??                                

  • Fair question that gets a fair answer.

  • From: LK

  • Hi,
    I read your article "Why Bother" and I have to ask.... why bother? What
    is your goal in pointing out loop holes in the faith? "Any criticism of
    their views makes them angry" guess what, criticism of any kind will
    make someone angry. When you go up to a girl and crticise their weight
    do you expect a logical answer like: "yeah you're right, I should get
    into shape more". Do you ever go into Buddha channels or Judaism
    channels or anything else? Why the fascination with Christianity?

  • Fair enough. Why bother with Christianity? Easy, for the most part, you do not see
    any other religion going about getting their religion made the norm for EVERYONE.
    Christians lobby to get their belief taught in schools, they cry about anything non-christian,
    go on campaigns to get things like heavy metal music banned, Harry Potter banned, they
    teach people that certain things and people are just plain "wrong" and are doomed to hell.
    Freedom of speech and freedom of thought is anathema to the religion, intelligence is not
    viewed in high regard in this religion. Anything that makes a person think, or doubt the belief
    is bad, and a thing of Satan used to get them to back slide. The morals taught in their bible is
    nothing special at all, and was taught many centuries before the bible. The only new thing jesus
    added to anything was the eternal hell punishment.

    As far as Buddhist rooms, and the Judaism rooms go; I have been in there, and when I do go on there,
    I always see a christian in there telling them about how wrong they are, and how jesus is the only god there is. After a bit. they start the slander of others, and threaten people with their version of hellfire. All the conversations I have had with the Buddhists, have always been calm, rational, and nice. I have not really talked to the jews, just listened mostly.

    As for criticism, I can take it, regardless of what the subject is. I know this is not the norm for all people, but it is how I am. For the most part, people can take criticism of almost any form. Save that of their religion. Especially christians, since any form of criticism is viewed as a personal attack, and an attack against their "truth". They almost always revert to some silly phrase when they meet criticism that they cannot answer. If one sticks in the christian chat rooms for any length of time, you will hear at least 20 in an hour.


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