Poor taste, really, is jesus here?? 

  • From her to me, and all I have to say is... you know you really like the place

  • Name:Suzee


  • Hi Squirrel,
    Have read your "Squirrel's Island". Find it different but very interesting.
    I take it that you once were a "Christian", but now you aren't? What
    happened to open your eyes? I really think that you have some fine articles
    and some poor taste too. But keep up the good work, who knows you might go


  • Well of course I have poor taste. But it is my taste, and it is not for everyone, nor would I like it that way!! The important thing here is that there is something you do like here at the Island. And I am a happy rodent for that. Just what exactly do you find in poor taste? Could it be the nude photos of me with the sheep and ducks?
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