General Mails from my Fan Club!

Nuff said baby!

Happy Christian writes NEW!!!
A christian writes in, with a decent post.
Why Bother??
A fair question, with a fair answer gentle readers.
Happy Birthday Evil Child!!!!
A little birthday ditty from the woman who gave birth to the Squirrel!!! Is she responsible for the madness????
Coolness and all that Shit!!!!
A happy little letter from one of our readers!! § in the house!!!!
BrainPan makes another appearance here at the Island, will he become a disciple?
Break out your dictionary people this one is a hoot!!
I love your site!!
Not much more to say here just read it!!!.
I am not offended part 1!!
A work of art for the Island reader.
I am still not offended part 2!!
And the saga continues.
Jerking off for God is sick!!
The slow of mind do not understand the ways of the Lord.
Seraph returns to let us know!!!
Need You Say More???
Once more, the rare praise mail is here!!! GLORY!!
Beaver God!!!!!
Once more, the rare praise mail is here!!! GLORY!!
Evil Work!!!
Another rare praise mail!!!! I am EVIL!
True Love??!!
Casey returns to the Island and lays some more wisdom on us gentle reader! Welcome back dude!
Right Neighborly of Ya!!
We get another happy mail!! Man I do not know what is going on here gentle reader, but I like it!!
Poor taste? Is Jesus here?
Another mail I would call happy.....kinda!
Happy Feel Good!!!!
A Happy Mail for us gentle reader!!!
Auntie Christ!!!!
My Auntie gets on my furry tail about a few pics!!
Love you !!!!
Gotta love people huh?
Casey gets emotional!!!!!!
Sniff snifffff..... god I love you man!!!!
whatever guy, U don't even get to go into the religious nuts, so fuck you.
Ummm okay man, if you say so!
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