What Are You Asking??!!


Q: I met you one day, I called you friend
You knew of Jesus, that his word would not bend

We walked by day and we walked by night
You knew of my soul, you knew of my plight

You hugged me and kissed me, making me smile
But knew all along that my spirit was vile

You never once told me, that Jesus is the way
That on the cross of calvery, my debt he did pay

You laughed when I sinned, making me think it was right
You didn't open the bible and show me, how to fight the good fight

I stand alone now in judgement, to meet this
terrible end
And can no longer say the words, "you are my friend"

***** I put this here so that, maybe some, could understand that if we truly love people, and walk with a broken heart, we know we must give them truth no matter what the truth may be. It may not be something that they want to hear at the time, but the seeds must be planted. They may take it as hatred or that we have a proud attitude, but the truth has to be said. It is our duty to speak boldly the word of God and stand firm against sin. This is true love.
And it is our duty to not let the word of God be trampled underfoot. We have been entrusted with it and should treat it better than precious gold. And we were given the power to rebuke anyone who hinders the kingdom of God.
I will continue to spread God's word where He wants me to. I LOVE GOD'S WORD!!!!!!


A: Which god? YHWH the mass muderer? Ahura Mazda the glorious lord? Krishna the father of all? Odin the all father? Allah the all? Which god? And what makes your god anymore viable or real, then all the other gods. People make the exact same claims for each of their gods as christians do. Plain and simple. You believe, nothing more. Knowledge is a different thing all together.

I also notice this whole squash the opposition thing in the religions the proselytize. "We are given the power to rebuke anyone who hinders the kingdom of god". Please, define this kingdom. Also, to what lenghts would you go to rebuke people? And if people do not agree with you, and speak out against the belief in a very sincere and heartfelt manner, do need to be rebuked as well? How do you determine who is to be rebuked?

Happy emotional poems are okay, but they can be just as powerful and happy with out god in them. In fact, just remove jesus, place love in the stead, and the religious connotations, and place a secular love message there, and you have a happy emotional poem as well.

Plus I am still trying to find the question here. Witnessing is okay, in its own forum, but not really on topic here in this forum.



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