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Q: Believe in Jesus, and you will be saved. Do not believe in Jesus, and the slightest sin on your conscience will get you a one-way ticket to hell. Is this fair to those who have never heard of Jesus?

(I know lambjamm already asked this, but I thought that it should be reworded so that we would get a more largely attended debate.)

The example my friend used was a South American boy who has grown up in a place where the native religeon is animal worship of some sort. His mommy and daddy worship animals, so he does. Is it fair to hold him to the same standard as a child who grew up here, was raised by christians, and believes in Jesus because his mommy and daddy do?

A: The same standards does not matter here. Christians believe they have the only truth, and all others are damned. They also harp upon the "fact" that jesus is the way truth and the life no man comes unto the save by me. Your south american boy is out of luck. He is going to hell. Wrong ang right has nothing to do with it. And as for the claim he does not know right from wrong in another answer, I say bull.
There is no way we could hold them to the same morals and standards we hold. Animalism may be wrong to us, but is natural to them, same with eating of other humans. Self mutalation may be right to them, but we feel it is wrong.
He is going to hell, and there is nothing any christian can say about it. The loev of this unconditional loving god, is conditioned, and that is a fact. Christians try to make the religion feel warm and fuzzy and seemingly happy happy, to reasn away the injustice of their god sending a person to hell for not ever hearing about jesus. They have concocted many "doctrines" to reason this away, age of accountability being one of them.

OH, and fair? Not in this religion pal. God calls the shots, and the man be damned.


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