Which One??


Q: How do I know which Bible is the correct one. It seems there are many different versions out there. You have the NIV, The AKJV, the NKJV, the mormon Bible and a whole range of others that I probably do not even know about. Please, can anyone help me?

A: Well this question is not that easy to answer. The holy spirit must guide you when you read the bible, to understand the bible you need the holy spirit. The spirit will tell you which translation is the right one.

The holy spirit tells the jehovah witness' that the NWT translation is the right one. The HS tells the southern baptist the KJV1611 or the KJV is the right one. Godless liberals prefer the NIV as it removes alot of problem passages. The catholics prefer anything with the apocrypha in it. Mainly the NRSV Catholic Edition.

When I conduct a bible study, I use the following versions:
The jerusalem bible,
the youngs literal translation
the tanach
the literal translation of the bible
the greek new testament
the geneva bible.

Which one is the right one? Well, to be honest there is no "right" one. It is a matter of choice and preference. And sect. Plain and simple.

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