To Stupid to Understand??


Q: According to scripture, who is responsible for interpreting the bible for us? Is it ok for me to interpret scripture the way I want to or do I have to follow the interpretations of some clergy?

A: My dear Chimp!!
My my my did you get some answers in this one!! But lets really look at what was being said shall we? The over all theme here is basically, do not trust man. You are to stupid to really understand the word of god chimp! PRAISE! Do not trust your inteligence, as it is a worldy finite thing. You need to be possessed by a spirit in order to understand these things. The same spirit that all believers claim to have in them. The same spirit that tells them different things about the scripture.

One true believer pointed out you can use scripture to interpret scripture! WOW! If you did that gentle chimp, you could be really messed up in the head! How would you know anything to be untrue? If donkeys can talk, people can fly, sticks turn into snakes.... well should we go on? It is enough to say that you could justify almost any position by using scripture.

Also note the whole obidience control tone of the bible. Submit to god... be a follower, be a sheep. Let the sheepherd tell you what to think!




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