Am I A What??

  • Ever wonder why people do not like the name christian gentle reader?
  • Q:
    Have you ever heard people define themselves as a follower of Jesus and specifically not a Christian? What do you think is meant by this? Can one separate the two? I suppose what is meant is they follow the essential message of Jesus and not what can be considered the doctrines of Church and present day concepts?? Can those who have this view still expect salvation and the kingdom of heaven?

    Well this is my pespective on it all IAM, so keep that in mind ...

    I think the people who call themselves the "Followers of Jesus" are the people who do not wish to be caught up in sect and denomination wars. Nor do they wish to be pigeon-holed by these beliefs. If I say I am Southern Baptist, then you would have a certain view about me and the way I hold doctrines. Same as if I was a JW.

    The bad connotations that have been tacked onto the religion of christianity are well desrved in a few ways, and that is an issue for alot of people. When we look at the more severe fanatics of the belief, like Fred Phelps, Pat Robinson and the ilk, we get those bad juju's. This is not a blanket statement that all christians are bad and thus the cause of the connotations, far from it. But as they one bad apple spoils the batch. This true for religion or skepticism.

    To be honest a few of jesus' teachings were good solid and moral. It is very possible to follow these teachings in life without the trappings of christianity.
    As for the salvation issue.... the only thing you have to do is accept jesus as your personal lord and savior. All else is commentary. But, there are those that will disagree. And there are verses that would back up their position. Just like the people who believe in predestination, salvation through faith, salvation through works, grace and whim... all of it is in there.
    Hope this helps


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